Antoinette Davis


As a youngster, I was introduced to oil painting by a Flemish missionary who served in the Belgian Congo. The teachings she used were like magic, with no fancy tools, just paint brushes and tubes, colors and canvas. After about three to five lessons I won first place in a community contest.

My second painted picture produced a job in the Photography business as a photo-oil colorist. I spent about a year as an apprentice with experience in the art of portrait painting and I was able to pursue a practice of study in photo-realismusing oil transparencies. Working in direct daylight gives the artist the ability to connect the visual, sound and climate of the environment. It all goes on the canvas. Care must be part of the application and consistency of the paints and brushes. Outdoors dries you paints quickly so time is important, along with observation of shade and value andmeasurement, to produce a historical scene on canvas.

Preserving what I see in this total development for the future gives great pleasure when I look back and remember who, what, when and where elements can never be told except through the artist in that time period with proper use of good materials and talent. A lesson using nature’s palette is always a unique, first experience.

Antoinette Davis
OBAMA     Oil on canvas 12 x 18 inches
RIVER VIEW II         Acrylic on canvas 24 x 36 inches
RIVER VIEW I         Acrylic on canvas 24 x 36 inches