An Invitational Exhibition of the Liaoning Province Artists Association
Saturday, June 24, 2017 to Saturday, July 1, 2017
Opening Reception: June 24th from 4-6 pm
Gallery RIVAA presents "Into The Classic: An Invitational Exhibition of the Liaoning Province Artists Association"
PLC is hosting a special exhibition of eleven talented Artists from Liaoning Province in China.  
Dates: June 24th through July 1st, 2017
Opening Reception: June 24th from 4-6 pm
Gallery RIVAA, 527 Main Street, Roosevelt Island, NY 10044.
These artists from China are members of Liaoning Province Artists Association. Led by Mr. Hongchen Lu, director of China Media Artists Association and director of Liaoning Province Artists Association, the artists brought over 30 pieces of their work to the "Into the Classic" exhibition. The works include oil paintings, pencil sketches and Chinese water color paintings.
Most of the artists were trained in China and some of them have had some Western education as well. Many of them have won national and international awards for their work.  With disparate life experiences, their works show the influences of various artistic styles. They reflect the sentiments each of artists has about nature, life and the interplay of the two.
The group of artists includes: Hongchen Lu, Zidong Shi, Guangmao Zhang, Gen Wang, Shengnan Li, Dake Liu, Songming Li, Gaolu Han, Jianghua Li, Yi Niu, and Yan Zhou.