Live musical theater “AVAC Memories”

Saturday, May 22, 2010
Saturday, May 22: 5pm Live musical theater “AVAC Memories” in Gallery RIVAA

One Person’s Trash is Another Person’s Musical Theater Extravaganza!

AVAC Memories tells the story of five pieces of household waste who are tossed into a Roosevelt Island garbage can and, together, go on a thrilling journey through the AVAC sanitation system. As they are dropped down garbage chutes, sucked through pneumatic tubes, crunched in a compactor and shipped off to the dump in a garbage barge, our grimy heroes learn some valuable lessons about friendship, courage and perseverance in the face of adversity.

AVAC Memories was written by Frederick Alden Terry (music) and John Herin (lyrics), and directed by Dev Bondarin, with musical direction by Remy Kurs, featuring Jennifer Blood, Jason Collins, Steven Eng, Sevan Greene, and Jaygee Macagupay.

On Sunday May 23rd, Richard Melnick, President of the Greater Astoria Historical Society, will lead a walking tour of Roosevelt Island focusing on East River infrastructure. The tour will end at the Fast Trash Exhibit at Gallery RIVAA. At the conclusion of the walking tour Michael Heimbinder, Executive Director of HabitatMap, will discuss the logistics of moving trash in New York City answering the questions:

how does garbage move? who moves it? and where does it move to?



Start Time:  11:00 AM

Place:  Socrates Sculpture Park, Vernon Blvd., and Broadway, LIC.

Course:  Socrates south to Costco, Rainey Park, and to Roosevelt Island Bridge (at 36th Avenue), cross bridge to Roosevelt Island.  On the island, head south along East Channel to Queensboro Bridge, cross island to west side, walk north along West Channel to exhibit at Gallery RIVAA, 527 Main Street, Roosevelt Island.


To get to Socrates Sculpture Park, take N Train to Broadway, and at street level walk west to Vernon Blvd. to park main gate. (It is a bit of a walk.) Alternately, you can take the Q103 or the Q104 bus to Broadway and Vernon Boulevard. From RI Island you can take the Q102 bus across the bridge to 36th Ave. and Vernon Blvd. (Depending on where you are coming from you will have to do some searching to find out where you can pick up the Q 103 and 104). Off islanders can also take the Q102 bus from Queens Plaza.

The tour ends on Roosevelt Island.


Tour by Greater Astoria Historical Society with HabitatMap and For more information about the Socrates Sculpture Park see