Meet Florence Ditlow

For a launching of her new book "The Bakery Girls"
Sunday, November 13, 2011


Florence Ditlow, author of The Bakery Girls, is launching this work of historical fiction at GALLERY RIVAA.  Her previous book, Long in the Tooth, was written on Roosevelt Island, where she happily resided until 2002. Shecurrently lives on the island of Bonaire with her husband.

Meet Florence at 6 PM on Sunday Nov. 13th, when she will present a short talk, "One Island to Another." Her website, includes reviews as well as the book's first chapter.


New novel reveals importance of enjoying life through tale of three sisters  


“The Bakery Girls” by Florence Ditlow recounts the story of three sisters working in a family bakery in the first half of the 20th century


HARRISBURG, Pa. – “The Bakery Girls” (ISBN 1461079543), a historical novel by Florence Ditlow, tells the story of the Stitt family in Harrisburg, Pa., the founding of their bakery and the three sisters, Dot, Louise and Elaine who grow up baking wonderful bread for the people around them.


The novel follows the sisters as they grow up working in the family bakery and as each follows her own path through love and loss, learning the importance of making something enjoyable for others. Dot’s early creative spark is muted by working behind a desk as the bakery manager, Louise must decide between two fiancées that could not be more different and Elaine will sample baked goods from coast to coast only to realize that the best was her father’s bread. Over the years the Stitt Bakery provides sustenance and inspiration to families through the Great Depression and two global conflicts, bringing the town of Harrisburg nourishment.


“The story of The Bakery Girls encourages readers to live a little,” says Ditlow. “There will always be obstacles in life but if you can laugh you’ll be able to leap over them!”


Based in part on her own family’s experiences running a bakery in Harrisburg, the novel contains evocative descriptions of the Stitt family’s baking to give the reader a deeper understanding of the world of baking. Written to engage, entertain and inspire greater enjoyment of life, the novel would make a great Christmas present for readers that enjoy lightly dramatic novels injected with humor. Ditlow will be signing copies of the book at the Midtown Scholar Bookstore in Harrisburg, 2- 4 p.m., on Saturday, November 19th.


“The Bakery Girls” is available for sale online at and other channels.


About the Author

Florence Ditlow was born in Harrisburg, Pa. and when she was young she worked in her grandfather’s bakery. She studied nursing and worked as a registered nurse in Washington, Knoxville, Boston and New York City before retiring in 1995. Ditlow’s writing skills were honed during her nursing years through the preparation of material to educate patients and nursing staff and articles for publication in professional journals.  A member of the American Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor, Ditlow contributed to the textbook “Nursing Perspectives on Humor”, which was edited by Karyn Buxman, and provided humor therapyprograms. Her memoir, “Long in the Tooth” (2002), explores the value of humor in chronic illness and explores complementary health practices she has studied.