The Symmetry of Thought and Being

at the Octagon Gallery
Saturday, October 18, 2014 to Thursday, November 13, 2014
Opening Reception: Saturday, October 18th from 6-9pm
Gallery Hours:  Daily 10 AM to 8 PM.
THE SYMMETRY OF THOUGHT AND BEING                                          
     This exhibition will explore the relations between the three components of Symmetry, Thought, and Being: 

     1. "Symmetry," the principle of balance, the balance of elements in Matter, the "static equilibrium" of   purely
      balanced weights versus the "dynamic equilibrium" 

     or  asymmetry of proportioned objects;   
     2. "Thought" as the principle of personal interpretation of life, existence, perceived objects, Matter and ephemera, 

     and the personal interpretation of experience: ... Descartes "I think therefore I am" ; and 
     3. "Being," in the experience and orientation of the physical world 

     and metaphysical dimensions -- the principles of "Becoming" as process; and of "Being" in the reality of
     Matter and Dark Matter: ... as the early Greek 

     philosopher Parmenides surmised: "Being is.  Non-Being is;  Being and Non-Being are...:    
      Aside from philosophical and artistic considerations, this exhibition explores the sensations and sensibilities
     of personal worlds from many perspectives, the meaning and experience of being a person, being an individual in
     a world of responsibilities and choices, the thinking which is expressed and the balances required in life.  
     The purpose of asking these questions is to perceive and understand the Universe, and to evolve the human condition: 

     "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness !" 
Maxwell Clark 

Philip Falcone 

John Favret 

Carolina Guimarey 

M.G. "Trudy"  Martin   (1935-2013) 

Kristina Zallinger 
Hosted by RIVAA
Curated by: Johnes Ruta, independent curator & art theorist 
Art Director New Haven Free Public Library  
The Symmetry of Thought and Being